For about a year I've been having some problems with electric power on Virago XV535. To be more precise, everything's cool if I don't ride withlights on. When I use lights battery goes out in about a day. I suspected the battery and changed it two months ago but it's happening again. Voltage between A.C.Generator extention is cca 65V at cca 5000 rev/min, voltage behind regulator is cca 14V. When powerswitch is on my power expenditure form the battery is 28mA and when I swithon lights expanditure goes up to cca 3A, what seems fine to me.If you have any idea or advice which goes towards the solution to my problem please contact me and thanks in advance.

Generator was short circuited to the ground (not necessery shown by the multimeter). After the winding the coils of the generator power on the bike is back to normal

You could try the plug connection between the switch and main system, about six inches from the ignition switch, this was badly corroded on my bike which caused intermittent power and low voltage output. Its worth a look??